National School Bus Safety Week, organize a hospitality room where your bus drivers can come in and indulge their taste buds. Each day set out different delectable goodies, such as fresh fruit, meat and cheese platters, and baked goods. Also stock a table with gourmet coffees and teas. In addition, have “School Bus Drivers: The Future Is On Board” Lapel Pins there for everyone.
Make it clear that bullying won’t be tolerated on your school’s buses. Outfit your bus drivers with “Our Bus Is A Bully-Free Zone!” T-Shirts to wear. Hang an “Our Bus Is A Bully-FreeZone!” Magnet in each bus. And have volunteers distribute “Our Bus Is A Bully-Free Zone!” Stickers to children before they board the buses to ride home.

Connecting With Parents

Your school’s PTA/PTO could be the best group to coordinate the education of parents about school bus safety. Ask the organization to arrange an event for National School Bus Safety Week. Should an event not be possible, let members find the best alternative way to distribute information to parents. Suggest they use Parent’s Bus Info E-Z Stick Magnetic Glancers and “School Bus Safety Starts With Me” Parent-Child Learning Activities Books.

Give Me A B!

For the first day of National School Bus Safety Week, organize a “thank you” that rocks. Ahead of time, ask your cheer squad (or a squad from a nearby high school) to develop a routine praising bus drivers. Also, invite a pom squad to do a performance set to rock music. When the drivers arrive to pick up students after school, surprise them by having the cheerleaders and pom members there by the bus area. After the high-spirited show of appreciation, give your drivers “School Bus Drivers Rock” Badge Holders and “School Bus Drivers Rock” Twill Baseball Caps.

Motorists: The Vital Link

A main component of keeping bus riders safe is having informed motorists in your community. Create displays that explain what to do when encountering a stopped school bus. Provide the displays to businesses in your area so they can educate their customers. Ask the business owners to sponsor your school’s safety activities. Their funds could help pay for items that reward proper bus behavior, such as “Caught Being Good On The Bus” Silicone Bracelets and the School Bus Safety Treasure Box.

Caring Cast Of Bus Drivers

Direct your appreciation to your bus drivers while sharing some fun. Play a game of trivia about movies that have “bus” in the title, have a bus as the focal point, or in which buses are the major form of transportation. Some bus-related movies include Bus Stop (1956), Magical Mystery Tour (1967), Bull Durham (1988), Speed (1994), Forrest Gump (1994), Get On The Bus (1996), Stranger Than Fiction (2006), Napoleon Dynamite (2004), and Bridge To Terabithia (2007). Award a “School Bus Drivers: Delivering The Future” Microfleece Blanket to the highest scorer. Show your gratitude to all the drivers by handing out “School Bus Drivers Specialize In Safe Deliveries” Drawstring Backpacks.

Shining Examples

Older students are role models to younger students. Assist them in being the best role models possible. Hold a refresher course on the bus safety concepts they learned several grades ago. Then assign them the task of presenting the information to children in lower grades. Have “Be A School Bus Safety Super Star!” Bookmarks on hand for the presentations. Also, give the older students “School Bus Safety Every Day” Pencils and remind them that their conduct on the bus is being witnessed by the children they’ve just taught.